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Host an Event

Celebrate & Make a BIG Difference!

Turning your every day celebrations into a fundraiser is an easy way to create a lasting impact on kids in our community. Next time you're hosting a celebration or get together, ask your guests to make a donation to BBBSWR in lieu of bringing a gift. These financial gifts will have a significant impact on our ability to serve the children on our wait list.

Below are some celebration ideas that can easily be turned into a fundraiser...

  wedding      birthdays   dinner-party  Anniversarry
Dinner Party
Workplace Event Ideas

Local businesses have come up with great ideas for organizing fundraising events in support of BBBSWR. From holiday parties and staff BBQ's there are lots of ways to create a fun team building event while giving back.

  dress-down   bbq   bake-sale  event
Dress Down Days
Staff BBQ
Bake Sale
Corporate Party


Getting Started is Easy!

1. Let us know you're hosting an event and we'll provide information for your guests so they can see the difference their donation will make.
* Contact Kierra Young at 519-629-0180 ext 203 or bbbswr.org

2. Create an online fundraising page where guests can make their donation. Offline donations of cash and cheques are also welcomed.

3. Invite guests and spread the word!