How do I obtain an application?

You will receive your application package after an initial phone screening with our enrollment team. First, fill out the application form, here. Our enrollment team will then be in touch within two business days to provide you with next steps. 

What references do we need when filling out the application?

You'll need an employment or volunteer reference, a significant other reference (if you don't have a significant other you may use a family member), and personal reference from someone who has known you for at least two years.

If you have experience working with the vulnerable sector, please use this as your employment or volunteer reference. Vulnerable sector experience includes working with children, elderly or those with developmental delays.

How long does it take to complete the application process?

We aim to complete the volunteer enrollment process within four weeks of the initial inquiry. However, there are many factors that influence this process. Namely, how quickly we are able to get a hold of your references. You can help ensure that the process runs smoothly by letting your references know that they will be contacted.

How many times a month will I meet with my Little?

The commitment varies by program. For the one-to-one mentoring program, you would meet with your Little twice a month. Whereas, in the In-School Mentoring program you would meet with them once a week. For more information about the different programs, browse the mentoring programs section of our website.

What activities will we do?

If you volunteer with Go Girls, Game On and Big Bunch we will provide you curriculum at the beginning of your session. If you volunteer with In-School Mentoring or in the One-to-One program you and your Little can decide which activities to do together. We'll provide you some activity suggestions at the beginning, and you can explore our activity lists, here.