Sue Nugent


Why she chose to volunteer:

In 2011 I read of an 11 year old boy who had taken his own life. I found it devastating to think at age 11 such a young person’s life could be so distraught. At that moment I wondered what could I do to help build a young person’s self esteem. It was around this time Colleen from Big Brothers Big Sisters told me a bit about the In School Mentoring program.

Since my children were grown my responsibilities changed and now I had the time and energy to get involved. I felt the In School Mentoring program would be a perfect fit for me to help in some small way.

Her volunteer experience:

I have had a great relationship with the Big Brothers Big Sisters staff for many years mostly through work events and continue to enjoy my relationship with more of the team I have met through my volunteering.

Everyone has been so nice and flexible - it makes volunteering a very pleasant experience.

The greatest moment (so far):

The greatest moment for me was the first time my Little said goodbye after one of our visits and then turned back to give me a hug. I knew from that moment we were a great match! Now I get a hug at the end of every visit.

What Sue's Caseworker has to say:

Sue has been an active volunteer with the agency since January of 2012 where she has volunteered as an In-School Mentor. Sue constantly impresses me with the dedication in which she approaches her role. She is caring, dependable and has a genuine interest in supporting her mentee. She is someone who follows through with her commitments to the end and has been dedicated to the success of her match.

I remember when we were at the school in the fall to meet with Sue’s mentee from the previous year and as soon as the mentee saw Sue and new she would be working with her for the second year in a row, her face just lit up with a huge smile and she ran over to give Sue a hug.

In my opinion, Sue has been a wonderful role model and volunteer. I am certain that the mentee she has worked with over the past two years has reaped great benefits from her positive influence.

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