Rebecca Sim


Why she chose to volunteer:

I chose to volunteer for Go Girls! because I wanted to volunteer in the community and I loved the Go Girls! program and mission.

Sharing some milestones:

During a session last year the group of girls and I talked about peer influences, the media, and their self image for almost two hours. The girls became so intrigued and critical of peer influences that they came to the conclusion that none of those external influences should matter and the only important critic is yourself. I was so impressed and inspired by those young women.

What Rebecca's Caseworker has to say:

Rebecca is a University of Waterloo student Majoring in Legal Studies and has been volunteering with Go Girls! for just over a year. She has co-led three Go Girls! groups in this time.

Rebecca is a reliable and caring volunteer who is experienced in working with children. In each of her groups, she has built positive relationships with the group participants and was able to create a safe, positive group environment where the participants felt comfortable discussing the issues they were facing. This attitude is crucial to the success of the program and we are so grateful to have Rebecca as a Go Girls! volunteer!

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