Ralph Kors


Why he chose to get involved:

I volunteer as a Big Brother because it has given me the opportunity to be friends with a young person who is also looking for a friend.

Some of the best moments:

I have many great memories as a volunteer:

- The first time I met Caleb
- All the outings we have been on together
- Having him along for a home inspection I was doing
- Being asked to be his sponsor when he had his Confirmation

What he wants to say to future volunteers:

If you have ever thought of becoming a volunteer with BBBSWR, I can promise you that you will be rewarded more than you could believe. I have only good things to say about this organization and the relationship that I have with Caleb.


What Ralph's Little Brother has to say:

The best part about being with Ralph is that he is always positive, always has ideas, has great stories about work and random stuff and is a great story teller.

What Ralph's Caseworker has to say:

Ralph has been volunteering since February 2011 and has been matched with his Little Brother since July 2011. Ralph is a dedicated volunteer who really takes the time to mentor and encourage his Little Brother. Ralph truly goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a volunteer.

Little Brother Caleb's mom shared: “I can really see the changes happening in Caleb because he is evolving and developing every day and is a very different child than he was when he was first enrolled with this program.”

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