Nicole Schwendinger


What her experience has been like:

I love this program so much! Even though I've been volunteering for a while, each Little teaches me something new about myself and life in general. This is an amazing opportunity, something which is very dear to my heart.

The Littles give back to you in so many different ways. You may be a teacher to them, however, you are also a learner as well. Everything is worth the time and energy you put in when you see the positive change in the Littles.

A story about a young boy and his coat:

I once had a little who was very uncomfortable taking off his coat. He was ashamed of his clothing underneath, as they were not as nice as his classmates' clothing. I never made a big deal about him wearing a coat -
if that was something that made him more comfortable than it was alright with me.

One day he told me I was his friend and he knew I would never judge him. He took off his coat. This showed me that even though we never talked about him wearing a coat all the time, he now felt comfortable with me.
I had made a small positive difference in his life, which is my goal with
this program.

What Nicole's Caseworker has to say:

Nicole began volunteering as an In School Mentor through a co-op placement in March 2011. Since that time, Nicole has continued to volunteer with our agency and to date she has taken on 11 matches between two schools in the Elmira area. 

Nicole displays great passion and enthusiasm for her role as an In School Mentor. She has a wonderful ability to relate to children! Nicole has had a variety of matches with different goals and has done a fantastic job of finding different ways to adapt her mentoring style to each child’s needs making each experience truly unique, interesting and fun.

Nicole has been a wonderful role model and volunteer, clearly dedicated to the success of her matches. I am sure that the students she is working with and has worked with in the past, have benefited greatly from Nicole’s presence in their lives. We are truly lucky to have a volunteer like Nicole! 


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