Mary Jo Stewart


A Little About Her:

Mary Jo is a proprietor of Stewart Financial Services, which specializes in management, staffing and payroll services for clients. She is a mother of four sons, a former teacher and professional librarian. For nearly our entire history, Mary Jo has been an integral part of the local movement that is
Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Her Amazing History with the Movement:

1967 ● Chair of W.L.U. Shinerama campaign that fundraised to cover the mortgage on the original Big Brothers house in Kitchener.

1992 ● Attended her first Board meeting of Big Brothers Kitchener-Waterloo as a nominee and has now served as a Board Member for 22 years.

1992-1994 ● Developed the first Scholarship Program for Little Brothers with Big Brothers of Kitchener-Waterloo’s President Frank Eichorn and Gert Hartmann (current BBBSWR CEO).

1994 ● Presented first annual Big Brothers Scholarships with the generous donations by Ross and Doris Dixon. 

Scholarships continue to help Littles in Waterloo Region, with the support of a very dedicated committee of volunteers, BBBSWR staff members and the incredible financial support of the Ross & Doris Dixon Charitable Foundation, the Westmount Oktoberfest Golf Committee, the estate of the late Mary Good and the K-W Community Foundation, as well as several private donors over the years. To date, over $250,000 in scholarships have been awarded to current/former Little Brothers and Little Sisters.

1996 ● Developed the Promise Scholarship to encourage Littles in Grade 7/8 to complete high school and enroll in post-secondary studies.

1996 ● Became President of the Board of Directors and acting Executive Directors of the agency until the position was filled by present-day CEO Gert Hartmann.

1996-present ● Served on committees responsible for the amalgamation of Big Brothers Kitchener-Waterloo and Big Sisters K-W and area with Cambridge Big Brothers Big Sisters to create the current agency, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region.

A message from BBBSWR CEO, Gert Hartmann:

Shortly after joining, Mary Jo was was instrumental in establishing the Scholarship program. In her role as Chair of the Scholarship Committee, over 60 Littles have received close to a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships. We were the first and perhaps are still the only Big Brothers Big Sisters agency to have such a large scale scholarship program and it is due to her vision!

Mary Jo was an active member in the merger of Big Brothers and Big Sisters (of KW), participating on the Human Resources committee and again during the merger of KW and Cambridge.

She is thoughtful, uses her longstanding knowledge of the organization to both ground us, as well as move us forward in our decisions. Mary Jo is always focused on the well-being of the children, parents and staff.
She genuinely cares and always willing to help when asked.

Her passion for the organization and our mission has not waned - if anything she is more dedicated than ever.

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