Jennifer Dol


Sharing her experience:

This has been such a positive experience that I would encourage others to get involved as well. When I am spending time with my Little I get to focus on just having fun and trying new things together. I can tell she values the time we spend together as much as I do.

I have really enjoyed getting to know my Little, her family and other Bigs. The staff at BBBSWR are also great to work with.

What time with her Little Sister is like:

I think some of the best memories with my Little has been going to festivals like Winterloo. We also spent time at THEMUSEUM checking out a balloon exhibit  where we ran through a giant room full of orange balloons.
We usually do low key activities in the evenings like going to the library to read, use the computer, and play games, or going to the mall or her favorite restaurants for a bite to eat. On the weekends we have been to free public skating, local festivals, museums, and parks. She's great with our pets as well and sometimes we enjoy just doing crafts at home.


[Little Sister Phoenix says she is happy that Jen is her Big SIster. Phoenix's mom notes that her daughter has had a big self esteem boost since being matched with Jen.]

The impact of mentoring:

I have always thought that Big Brothers Big Sisters offers great mentoring programs. Mentors are so important to have in every stage of life. It's great to have the opportunity to have such a positive influence on a child. I attend many community events and thought it would be fun to share those times with a Little.

What Jen's Caseworker has to say:

Jen joined Big Brothers Big Sisters in March 2013 and has been matched with her Little Sister since July 2013. It is so great to hear Jen and her Little Sister speak so highly of their time together and their growing friendship. Whether it is a story about a trip to Boston Pizza with her Little Sister, skating or attending a community event, Jen speaks with enthusiasm.

With the one year anniversary of Jen’s match quickly approaching I look forward to continuing our work together and seeing the great impact of her mentoring!

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