Bradley Murrell


Why he chose to get involved:

I chose to become a Big Bunch Leader because I wanted to make a difference and get involved in my community. I was raised to believe that if you can help out others you should. I work shift work and have some free time so I wanted to have fun and try something new.

Having fun and being a kid again:

The most fun I've had with my group would be the times when we've had sports nights. Its fun to get out with the other leaders and kids and play games whether it be hockey, basketball, capture the flag, or ultimate frisbee. Its great to see how excited the guys get to play dodgeball!  

One of my greatest memories with my group happened when I was driving four kids to an outing. On the way there they started talking/debating about which games and entertainment systems were the best. I had a flash back to my Jr. High days and couldn't help but smile because we used to have the exact same conversations. 

What he wants to say to future volunteers:

Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!

What Brad's Caseworker has to say:

Brad is approaching one year of volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region and has been a great addition to the Big Bunch program. Brad has been a mentor in the 3 sessions of Big Bunch that have run since he started volunteering with the agency and has received a lot of praise and positive feedback from the Littles in his groups.

To quote one Little, "Brad is awesome!”

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